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A new novel by Jay Brodell
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An Unsettling Place to Settle:
                              A Novel of Small Town Corruption

By James J. Brodell

A new house in a new town is the legacy for wounded veteran Tim Fitzgerald. But as he becomes more deeply involved with his new community, he is shocked by the depths of corruption and criminality. The Chamber of Commerce said Wellborough, Colorado, had it all. He doubted they really meant murder, drug and human trafficking, systemic political corruption and fraud.

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 Table of Contents (fiction)
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The evil grass

The lawn wars

Mel came from New York to a southern subdivision where social prestige is based on the quality of the lawn. He was ill-equipped to rise to that challenge.


The godess Asherah

That old time religion

Be careful what you say when searching for a great name for a demon. A slip of the tongue can invite unwelcomed visitors.


Two glasses
                of dark beer

An encounter at the Irish bar

Love does not always come at first sight. Life sometimes gets in the way. But sometimes two people can be lucky. 

The perfect companion

Some men know exactly what they want.

  Books by Jay Brodell

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The Dark Side of Pura Vida: Murder, Betrayal, Abduction and Revenge in the Vacation Paradise (a novel)

Retired baseball player Jack Patterson becomes suspicious after his younger sister dies in a Pacific Ocean rip tide while on vacation in Costa Rica. Jack has to go there to find answers to troubling questions. But soon he is hijacked by a gang of self-described justice avengers led by a young and icy Costa Rican-American woman who carries twin pistols strapped to her chest and does not balk at using a car battery and cables to get the answers she needs. Jack soon helps uncover corruption and greed that runs counter to the country’s laid-back slogan of Pura Vida, the pure life.

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Love ignites

When Love Ignites: Five Stories of Beginnings  (short stories)

Why love? In five different situations in as many stories love strikes, sometimes in an unusual way. What happens next remains uncertain, but the couples may have a foundation for the future.

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                cover art

Six Short Heresies . . . Just for You

Life is full of untested assumptions: Prostitution exploits women, bloody religious ceremonies are of the past, Santa is jolly, there is one God, suburban life requires a great lawn. The six stories here, some drawn from life and some tongue-in-cheek, suggest otherwise. Humans justify their existence in many ways in many cultures. The concepts of god and sin are not universal.
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A Riddle from the Depths:
             Who Were These Mysterious People?

Sarah Goodnight, 27 and an ancient language expert, is underemployed and longs for a professorship and regular paycheck. She translates ancient Sumerian and Akkadian tablets long-distance for the British Museum from her Chicago home. In a rare outing a handsome man surprises her saying he has a box of ancient clay chunks. Can she find fame and love wrestling with the unknown language and danger?

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All short stories and this website copyright 2021 by James J. Brodell.

If you like what you read, short stories on this site may also be found in digital books listed HERE!