About the site and about Jay Brodell

Jay Brodell spent more than 50 years as a reporter, newsroom boss and journalism professor. The only fiction he wrote was a small story that appeared in a college literary magazine.

When he retired to the U.S. in 2017 from the Latin American daily newspaper he founded nearly 20 years ago, he quickly became bored growing tomatoes for the squirrels and sampling U.S.-style beer. So he decided to become a fiction writer.

Turns out he was not very successful because the number who bought his books could be counted on on two hands and a foot. “The hell with that,” he said, as he decided to make his short stories free to the public.

Being an old, crusty newsman, Brodell lacks the patience and endurance to write more than 3,000 words on a single subject.

“Anyway, that Harry Potter stuff has been taken already,” he said.

Consequently, Brodell usually writes irreverent short stories which may be found HERE!

“I'd much rather write about love than sex,” he said. “I am afraid that those who seek torrid, intimate love scenes will be disappointed. But they can find that anywhere, including on their kid's iPad.”

He said he hopes that some movie mogul reads his free stories and sends him a contract so he will no longer have to struggle along on his professorial pension.

“My eyes are not good enough to be an Uber driver, and I'm too surly to be a greeter at a big box store selling Chinese junk,” he said.

This site went live in June, 2019, and generates money by hosting third-party advertisers. Brodell says he will include some of his more controversial non-fiction writings from his newspaper career. 

June 6, 2019