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1. Knowledge gap stokes unwarranted climate fears. Some young men and women are so frightened by future conditions that they have chosen to remain childless. Others actively agitate for governments to act to change the climate. Surveys show, however, that real knowledge is in short supply and misconceptions are being fueled by social media. As Julius Caesar so correctly put it in his Gallic War epic: Men are nearly always willing to believe what they wish. HERE!

2. About climate change. This is a portal to Brodell's articles about climate change written with a Costa Rican perspective when he was editor of a daily newspaper there. HERE!

3. Apollo 11. The United States organized a massive public relations and technological effort to hook up most of the world to satellite television so the population could witness the first moon landing in 1969. Latin America was hooked up via a portable earth station brought to steamy Maracaibo, Venezuela, by the U.S. Air Force. HERE!

4. The grim roots of St. Patrick's Day. March 17, the day of the amateur drinker, rapidly approaches. The meaning of St. Patrick's Day, originally a religious feast day, has been flipped on its head to become a secular celebration well removed from its Irish root. HERE!

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